We have speciality centres that focus on specific needs of our children with special needs.

Autism Centre

Was started in April 2016 with a vision to provide a safe place for children with Autism, in partnership with their caretakers, facilitators, and community members in order to explore and express themselves through a dynamic process of learning. The curriculum in the Centre for Autism has three major components: First, a Functional Academic Curriculum, then Life Skills and finally Complementary therapies.

Children are categorized for the curriculum programme as per their age. Each child is trained in skills involving personal grooming (dress up, combing, eating, toilet use), social (communicating, sharing), academic (writing), occupational (learning measurement and skilled activities) and recreational (music listening, visiting park, playing indoor games). A few children, depending on their needs, also receive therapeutic treatment in the Centre. Periodic evaluation and assessment are undertaken for the child and the performance level is discussed with the parents every quarter.

The Centre is established with a home-like atmosphere that enables the children and the community members feel a sense of ownership. This co-creating atmosphere helps us to understand the needs of the children better and support them as they grow with us.


Is a collaborative initiative for Children with a combination of various disabilities such as speech, physical mobility, learning, and intellectual disability. The curriculum programme is developed based on their needs and classroom are categorized based on their condition. Our students are trained in personal, social, academic, occupational and recreational skills. A few of children, depending on their needs, also receive therapeutic treatment in the Centre. We undertake a Periodic evaluation and assessment for every child and we discuss the performance level with the parents every quarter. Apart from the academic curriculum, our children also learn Arts, Dance, Music, Yoga and Sports etc. Many of our children have excelled in these fields and performed at the State and National Level.


Sponsor the Functional and Academic Intervention for a Child with Special Needs