A brief resume of the experts involved with the school is given below:

Advisory Committee

  1. Dr Asha Oumachigui, She has specialized in Obstetrics &Gynecology. She was the Director – Professor and Head of the Department, Gynecology at the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Research (JIPMER). She is also the Consultant / Expert for the Ministry of Health & Family welfare , Govt of India and Short term consultant for the World Bank
  2. Dr Chandrasekar specialized in Internal Medicine. A full bright scholar he is a retired Director and Professor & Head of Department of Medicine at JIPMER. He is also a Post Doctor Fellow of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA
  3. Dr Nallam V– (Patron) has an M S in General Surgery and runs a 75 bed hospital, one of the biggest private hospitals in Pondicherry. He was selected by the Government of India for specialized training in cancer at the Prestigious Cancer Institute in Villjuife, France. He has also done a genetic research study in Diabetes with Saint Louis Hospital in Paris.
  4. Dr Mrs R Chidambaram has specialized in Pediatrics. She was the former head of Department, Pediatrics, Govt hospital, Karaikal and currently consultant Pediatrics at a Private clinic in Pondicherry. She is also a member of the Natural Faculty of Neonatal Association.
  5. Dr Velumani,was former head of Department of Neurosurgery Govt Hospital, Cuddalore and a consultant Neurosurgeon at a Private clinic in Pondicherry, and Cuddalore.
  6. Mrs. Maya Chandrasekara – has specialized in Institutional Management. She had been involved in setting up vocational training units in a number of voluntary organizations. She is also a qualified Dietician and has worked as Dietician in Johns Hopkins Hospital and Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore USA

Excutive Committee

  1. Ms Bindu Modi(President) a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology she is one of the leading child counselors in Pondicherry.
  2. Mr Krishan Babu ,(Secretary) businessman and philanthropist involved in a number of welfare organisations
  3. Ms. Seetha Ramkumar, : (Vice President) Home Maker and in charge of livelihood programmes for adult PWDs
  4. Ms Chitra Shah- Director cum Treasurer is a qualified Social worker specialized in family & Child welfare. A gold medalist for her thesis on “Female Infanticide” by the University of Madras, she has worked with a number of special schools and counseling clinics.
  5. Dr Sibnath Deb ,(EC Member) is the Head of Department, Psychology, Pondicherry University. He chairs the committee for Child Protection in Satya.
  6. Dr R Nalini, ,(EC Member) is an Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Pondicherry University. She chairs the anti-harassment committee of Satya.
  7. Ms Nalini Kamra, EC Member) is an entrepreneur. She chairs of the Special Initiatives team of Satya.
  8. Mr Mukesh Jain, EC Member), is an entrepreneur and also a Parent of a CWNS. He chairs the fund raising initiatives of Satya.
  9. Mr CeasarEC Member), is an educationist, yoga expert and also a Parent of a CWNS. He is the parent representative in the Child protection committee of Satya.