Success Stories

success-story1) Jutsin was the youngest child at the Early Intervention Center. Born at 40 weeks with absence of birth cry and umbilical cord around his neck, he was in an incubator for 6 days after birth with ventilator support. Right from the time of birth he developed convulsions, the episodes of which reduced due to continuous medication making the child drug dependent. He started attending Satya’s Center when he was 8 months old. He could not hold his head and was sleepy & drowsy due to his medication. With therapy session five days a week for a few months now, Justin has shown remarkable improvement. He is able to hold his head and can sit without support for 3 minutes. With the initiation of behavior modification training, the team working on Justin is hopeful of improvement at a fast pace.

success-story12) Anuj is a five-year-old child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He was also diagnosed with delayed speech and language development and had poor pre linguistic skills, linguistic skills, and pragmatic skills. Paralinguistic skills: Lack of eye contact, attention and concentration, receptive skills and expressive skills, poor vocabulary levels and did not mingle with any of the peer groups. When Anuj first came to us, he was always uncomfortable and wanted to leave the classroom; he used one word sentences that were not clear and expressed his needs through gestures and finger pointing.

After he attended the speech therapy session, we adopted a play method of teaching due to which Anuj started enjoying his sessions. Anuj’s mother also co-operated very well. After six months of training, Anuj could speak two-three word sentences that fulfilled his needs. From one word, his vocabulary has increased to more than 100 words. He is now able to express the names of all animals and vehicles, etc. His pragmatic skills have also improved and he has now been integrated into a play school. The feedback from the play schoolteachers is very encouraging, They say that Anuj is communicating with others and doing a good job at school. Anuj’s mother is very pleased with his progress and is optimistic about the future of her child.

success-story23) Rahul diagnosed as a Spastic child with mild mental retardation, was a pre matured baby. He weighed only 1.7 kgs and was kept in an incubator for 45 days after birth. His scan reports at birth also showed a slight damage to the right side of his brain. He also had very poor balance and lacked neck control. Doctors and therapists almost gave up hope for any improvement and suggested to the parents to reconcile to the fact that their child would never be able to walk.

He was brought to Satya in 2009. At the time of admission, he was unable to sit, stand, and walk. After the initial assessment, he was put through a schedule for 45 minutes training, 5 days a week. His sessions included: Mat Exercise & Stretching, CP Ball & Bolster Exercise, Gradual walking with Walker & Rolatr, Gait & Posture with parallel bar. With a below keen splint, today he is able to sit, stand, kneel and walks around the center with a walker. The efforts of the therapy team and co-operation from the mother are the main factors aiding in such remarkable improvement in children like Rahul.

What Parents have to Say

success-story4With the aim of including adults with multiple disabilities into the income generation program, an art and craft cluster group with men was given a loan of Rs 1 lakh. The group sources dried flower products, candles and handmade paper products. Value addition is done for some products while repackaging is done for some others. These products are then sold either on order, to boutiques or through exhibitions. “There are a few adults PWDs in our cluster who may not be able to manufacture a product but they are good at packaging or selling. We allocate jobs according to their abilities. This way, we are able to provide opportunities for adults with varying abilities. In the last six months, this cluster has bagged job orders. The challenge now is to feel the pulse of the customer and modify the products based on the current trends,” says Saravanan a beneficiary in this cluster.

success-story5A year ago, when no school was willing to even admit my son, the team at Satya not only provided the necessary therapy but also encouraged both my wife and me to take life positively. From a state when he was only lying down for hours together, today he stands using the standing table. His eye contact has increased and he smiles when spoken to. I would have never believe that my son would one day sit with support but all this is becoming a reality today. Thanks to the dedication of the staff and the facilities in the center. The center is an answer to the hopes of parents of children with special needs like me ” – Suryanathan’s father

success-story6With a mother who was unable to take care of her, Vasantha Priya lives with her grandparents. Diagnosed with ADHD, she came to the center with behaviour problems such as throwing things, unable to sit at a place for more than 5 minutes. With the necessary training and behavior modifications, today she not only enjoys playing with puzzles and shapes but also points out to her lunch bag when she needs a snack. Today she attends to all her personal needs without our support and is even able to change her clothes independently. I now confidently leave her in the center and make a living selling fish. This was unthinkable a few months back.” – Vasantha Priya’s Grand Mother.

success-story3Nagadevi was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy at the age of 1 ½ years. We tried all possible options from consulting top medical professionals to alternative medicine to government run rehabilitation programs, but none of them worked. Looking at my plight in carrying my daughter into an overcrowded bus, a fellow passenger informed me about SATYA. With no hope, I met the concerned staff. A series of assessments and discussions later, therapy sessions were started off for my daughter. In 4 weeks from a state where balancing, standing and walking were almost impossible, today my daughter is able to walk a few steps without support, able to control her body and gait patterns and stands with support. The entire family is now very supportive. When I see my child’s progress I am confident that the day for her independence is not far away. – Mother of Naga Devi

“I have taken my son to a number of centers which offer these facilities in many cities in India but the quality of service provided at Satya Center and the dedication of the staff is amazing. The involvement of the Mother’s by training them to train their children is very useful and beneficial. The services rendered free of cost are a huge boon to parents who cannot afford such state of the art facility. I hope we have more such centers to help these special children”.

Mrs Uma Maheswari, Mother
“When I said – I am taking him to a sports meet, my entire family laughed and made fun of us. They told me I was wasting my time. By participating and winning these medals, my brother has proven everyone around him wrong. I am very proud of him – Sibling of a CWSNs from Thavalakuppam.