There is a special aura of happiness that the students all share. Some wonderful work that is going far further than the building’s four walls. Thank you.

Karim Ismail, Teach First, UK

Coming to Satya and seeing the work has been an inspiring and humbling experience. This initiative will be changing so many lives in so many ways. Mind blowing…

Amita Talwar, Hyderabad

I am very grateful for the opportunity to come and visit the school. It is very heart warming to see such a safe and stimulating environment for some of the most vulnerable young people in Pondicherry. I am very impressed with the support the children receive across a vast age span. It is a lovely place where I have seen lots of happy, smiling children and some very committed staff. I hope to visit again. Thank you.

Eleanor and Isobel Wiles, UK

Lovely to see the children so happy and to see the range of therapies on offer here. An inspirational place !

Elise Neve

We are very impressed with all the programs you have for the children, and appreciate that you help the most vulnerable children. Your work is so important. Thank you for having us. It has been very helpful for our paper on ‘Children at risk’. All the best.

Linn, Elizabeth, Elise, Cardine- Oslo University, Norway

What an incredibly inspiring organization! The work that you do to help create a future for these children is so admirable. The mothers, care givers and the children’s smiles, I will never forget!

Kyly Mills, University of Queensland, Australia

This centre takes utmost care of the children with special needs, ensures they are comfortable. The services rendered here are excellent. The staff here is highly dedicated.

P.M. Muthu Lakshmi, SSA, Puducherry

I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Ms. Stuti Kacker, Secretary of Govt. Of India for Disability Affairs, New Delhi

This is an extraordinary place All the love care, expertise woven together into a splendid tapestry.Many many congratulations to Chitra & team for their ability in overcoming heavy odds.

Dr.MithuAlur – Chairperson of The Spastic Society of India

I am extremely impressed by the professionalism and dedication of Staff of Satya Special School. I am happy to hear that they are building the needed infrastructure to become an international centre for Special Needs. I wish them good luck!

Major General Ian Condozo, Chairman RCI, New Delhi