Inclusive Pre-School

One of our long standing dream has been to start an Inclusive Pre- School in a rural area so as to ensure both early identification and intervention. This dream was fulfilled by the Partnership with Sristi foundation. In addition to the inauguration of the Sristi Special School, the Sristi Inclusive Pre- School was also inaugurated on 13th June 2019 by Honourable LG Dr. Kiran Bedi in the presence of the Mailam Boomapura Adheenam Temple Srimath Sivagnana Balaiya Swamigal,20th Pontiff Guru Maha Sannithanam .

This would ensure that families with Children with special needs do not have to migrate to the city for services and therapeutic rehabilitation would be provided in the community itself. A blessing for the child who would otherwise be forgotten. Our Sincere gratitude to Sristi Karthik and Lakshmi Karthilk and the Sristi team for partnership in this initiative of changing lives of Children with Special Needs and making social inclusion a reality.