Inclusive Education

With the ultimate goal of inclusion, Satya’s efforts toward inclusive education start as soon as a child is diagnosed with a disability/neurodiversity. From an inclusive pre-school and an ability-specific school, to school readiness programs within government schools for effective inclusion, Satya works toward creating models that positively impact all stakeholders. As a start, Satya’s interventions have yielded promising results. 

Centre for Multiple Disabilities

Alternative Inclusive Centre for Education (AICE) is an experimental inclusive school, where children from disadvantaged situations (street children, school dropouts, gypsy children, children of people in conflict with the law) study with children with special needs following an “ability specific” curriculum, not an age-specific one. 

For children with disadvantageous backgrounds this is a place of acceptance where their past or their background does not define them, leaving them to pursue their education without stigma. Many children have gone to complete their schooling through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) from Class 10 and Class 12. 


Village Rehabilitation Centres

Village centres were set up with a mission to provide state of the art rehabilitation facility to rural children with special needs. 

The centres provide physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, training for activities for daily living, accessible outdoor play equipment and a kitchen with dining hall to serve nutritious food for children. The centre is a model of change for the lives of many deprived rural children.

The children of all the village rehabilitation centres are given therapies based on their needs, medical check-ups on periodical basis, are taken for outings to different accessible sights, training programmes for parents to understand the needs of their child, awareness raising campaigns and a regular interaction with parents on the child’s progress. A quarterly assessment of the children is also done to evaluate child’s progress and the same is discussed with parents every quarter to improve the child’s performance and condition.


Satellite Centres

Satellite centres are independent centres in rural areas, providing therapy and education to children with special needs. These centres are managed by partners of Satya Special School, using the tried and tested Satya model of rehabilitation. The focus in these centres is to include children in mainstream schools.

Satellite centres are unique in their contextual approach to disability management, and strong local support. The eventual vision for satellite centres is for them to evolve into independent centres, with Satya providing knowledge support where required.

Alternative Inclusive Centre for Education

A bold experiment in inclusion, where neurotypical children from marginalized backgrounds such as children of commercial sex workers, orphan children, etc., who have dropped out of the school system study with neurodiverse children in an ability-specific classroom.

The results have been phenomenal with several children “finding their groove” in a particular scholastic level. The children take up board examinations under NIOS. Many of them have gone on to receive their diplomas, while others undertake gainful employment outside the Satya system. 


Inclusive Pre-School

In partnership with Sristi Foundation, Satya set up Sristi Inclusive Pre-School, an inclusive space where all children—disabled, neurodiverse, non-disabled, and neurotypical—learnt and played together. This is the first step towards an inclusive society, and Satya is constantly looking for ways to integrate children with special needs into mainstream schools.

The entire process has given us a lot of lessons and insights into how we can make this work.



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