Our Initiatives


Early Intervention

The first 3 years of life are critical for the development of a child. Satya Special School’s Early Childhood Programme combines the speed of early identification through the new-born high-risk clinic and the efficacy of services through the Early Intervention Centre (EIC) for the optimal development of the child. New Born High Risk Clinic Early Intervention Centre + View

Inclusive Education

With the ultimate goal of inclusion, Satya’s efforts toward inclusive education start as soon as a child is diagnosed with a disability/neurodiversity. From an inclusive pre-school and an ability-specific school, to school readiness programs within government schools for effective inclusion, Satya works toward creating models that positively impact all stakeholders. As a start, Satya’s interventions have yielded promising results. Centre for Multiple Disabilities Village Rehabilitation Centres Satellite Centres Inclusive Government Classrooms Alternative Inclusive Centres for Education Inclusive Pre-School + View


Satya’s skill training centre aims to give independent living skills to children and adults with special needs. Workshops and training on making products, training on white collar jobs, and employability skills are provided to the youth, depending on their ability and interest. Agri-based training Sheltered workshop Employability skills Partnerships + View

Mobile Unit

Access to therapy is a major stumbling block for children with special needs, especially for children who have coordination issues. Some older children with special needs, or children unable to visit the village centres, receive no intervention at all. To help these children access therapy and care, Satya Special School started providing therapy through Mobile Therapy Units (MTUs). Mobile Therapy Unit Sensory Therapy Unit + View


Therapeutic intervention plays a vital role at Satya Special School. The services are provided in the form of individual sessions, group therapy, counselling, and a parent training programme. Each therapy provided to the child helps them to build up his/her personal self-help skills, social skills to help integrate with society, functional academic skills, and group activities for overall development. A unique feature of therapy at Satya is that it combines Western, traditional, and alternative therapy approaches from around the world for a unique experience for each child. Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Sensory Integration Therapy Alternative Therapy Neuro Developmental Therapy + View

Research and Training

To make inclusion a reality, Satya Special School works with the community towards awareness through trainings and workshops, capacity building and knowledge sharing through partnerships, livelihood programs to support the family of children with special needs, and knowledge building through training and research. Awareness Satya Research Centre Capacity Building Satya Academy Training for Mothers Assistance for PwDs + View

Special Projects

Satya Special School works on special projects that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, with a definite focus on innovation. Some of our special projects are: P&O Centre APT Tab Lending Library Inclusive Village + View