To make inclusion a reality, Satya Special School works with the community towards awareness through trainings and workshops, capacity building and knowledge sharing through partnerships, livelihood programs to support the family of children with special needs, and knowledge building through training and research. 


Satya Special School aims to work for sensitization and awareness generation in the community and empowerment of person with disabilities and deprived classes of the community as a whole. With the support of various private and Government institutions and partners, Satya Special School works as vibrant “knowledge provider” for disability related information, best practices, research and development, raise awareness with our stake holders from time to time about the State Govt initiatives / schemes and other issues for the welfare of PwDs.


Trainings and workshops are carried out at Satya Special School to build our staff’s strength, self-confidence, and awareness in the field. Staffs at Satya are dedicated, thoughtful and very competent professionals. Capacity building programs include various trainings, and awareness lectures that enhance their skills, and enable them to adopt new methodologies in their classrooms for children and their parents.

Overall, the main objective of the programme is to promote meaningful personal development of staff which will develop resilience and professional skills through their participation in various internal and external training programmes and workshops, and demonstrate a positive change with their day to day activities towards development of children with special needs. We are open to partnerships with like-minded individuals or organisation.

Research and partnerships

Satya Special School partners with interested like-minded organisations from time to time to conduct research in order to help in capacity building.In order to achieve our objectives, we have signed various MOUs with both national & international organizations. We also work closely with the educational institutions, medical colleges, and other NGOs sharing the same vision as Satya.

Satya Research Centre

Satya Research Centre undertakes research studies related to intellectual disability, an area that is under-researched in India. The Centre also publishes key resources related to disability: for instance, the RPwD Act, and information about various disabilities recognized under Indian law. The centre also publishes manuals and handbooks on working and living with people with IDDs and neurodiversity.

Select Satya publications can be found

Training for Mothers

One of Satya’s main mottos is “mothers are co-therapists”. Towards this end, mothers of students at Satya Special School are encouraged to participate fully in their child’s therapy. Grandparents and siblings are also involved in the intervention.

Apart from training on managing disability, mothers are also trained on financial planning, and vocational and other skills such as embroidery, quilling, and tailoring, to enable them to open their own businesses.

Along with Satya’s Assistance for PwDs, this leads to synergy between efforts, for a marked improvement in their life situation.

Assistance for PwDs

Our interactions with families of PwDs, especially children with special needs, brought to light the harsh realities that these families live in. Lack of financial resources in a rising economy like India means lesser resources for the family to spend on the care of CWSNs, or abandonment.

Satya Special School in collaboration with many organisations like CIAI, Italy and Les Enfants des Rues de Pondicherry along with the support of State Bank of India have provided financial assistance to the families of PWDs.

The support has been through soft-interest free loans and microcredit programmes. The families, with the support of these loans have earned additional income through various livelihood projects such as paper cup manufacturing, cool drink bar, laminating products, saree sales, sale of fish and fish products, stitching units, energy foods, cleaning products, and mushroom cultivation.



adult PwDs

supported by Satya's livelihoods program



Average funding for livelihood support for PwDs


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Second Thirankoodu Centre Inaugurated

Project provides women with disabilities and mothers of CWSN with flexible income options

Satya to head state-wide disability survey

Survey to provide comprehensive data on people with 21 disabilities

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