About Us

Our Story

Satya was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who were keen on working with children with special needs, especially girls.

On learning about widespread abuse and neglect of children with special needs, and the inability of the mother, in most cases single, to take care of the child, the group started Satya Special School in 2003 as a day-care centre with 20 CWSN. The organization has since expanded to several programs, including education, inclusion, livelihoods, training, and advocacy. Find out more about how we expanded through our interactive milestones map. Satya Special School has pioneered several innovative initiatives for the inclusion of CWSN. Satya's strong focus on women, guided by the philosophy of "mothers as co- therapists", has led to optimal development for Satya's children.


An inclusive tomorrow


To empower people with special needs and lead the way towards inclusion in education, employment, and society at large by specialized intervention, rehabilitation, capacity building, and public policy advocacy thereby eradicating the stigma associated with disability.

Our Strategy

Satya’s strategy is to be an enabler towards the empowerment of the disabled. Satya would like to be a one-stop resource for anything disability related for various stakeholders: PwDs, caregivers, other organizations working in the space, academic and institutional partners, and the government.


Ms. Chitra Shah
Director & Treasurer
Ms. M. Padmavathi
Head, Monitoring and Evaluation
Mr. P. Kamala Kannan
Head, Program Management
Mr. Kannan Jagadeesan
Head, Sponsorships
Mr. Sheick Sheriff
Project Coordinator
Ms. Meera Rajagopalan
Head, Communications
Ms. Vijaya Chandrasekar
Head, Training & Networking
Ms. Bagya Lakshmi
Head, HR & Admin
Mr. Shatish Babu
Head, Prosthetic and Orthotic Unit


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