Satya Special School has always strived to work with the government to ensure benefits reach the deserving


Part of the Grants in aid DDRS Scheme, the Pre School and Early Intervention Project is Primarily to prepare children with disability for their schooling in Inclusive Schools & Integration into mainstream schools as appropriate. The project serves children up to 6 years and in rare cases 8 years based on the needs of the child. The main objective is to identify the rehabilitation and therapeutic needs of the child and impart necessary intervention services. Involvement of the parents in preparing them to accept the condition of the child and work alongside the rehab professionals also forms a very important part of the program.


Part of the Grants in aid DDRS Scheme, the aim of the project for children with cerebral palsy is to access and diagnose the individual condition of the child and provide the necessary therapeutic intervention. The major focus is to improve the self-help skills of the child and make him/her as independent as possible in order to reduce dependency on their care taker. The use of technology and providing the necessary assistive devices form a major part of the project.


Satya special school, (Register organization RO) is State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC) in Puducherry region. National Trust is dedicated to provide protection, care and inclusion to persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability and Multiple Disabilities within or close to their own communities. Social, financial, emotional and physical security of a comprehensive nature is the ultimate goal of the National Trust.

SNAC has social objectives and places an emphasis on convergence, documentation, mentoring and activating the Local Level Committees and also to include more and more NGOs as it will result in social yield in terms of better care for target groups and opportunities for families of disabled persons to cope better with stress and anxiety.

As SNAC, Satya Special School is responsible for the submission of a quarterly report to the National Trust, for facilitation of LLCs, Visiting of all Registered Organisations in their respective region and mentoring to the small NGOs, Sensitization of professional groups and government officials, LLC members, to conduct professional training programs, and Inspection of NGOs, as per the instructions of the National Trust.


As part of our work with the government, we participate in various committees, and have various Government Memberships. Some of them are as listed below:

Member of National Action and Coordination Group
NGO Member, Committee for shelter for urban homeless
Member – State Advisory Council – RTE ACT (Right to Education)
NGO representative for Puducherry UT – PM’s BETI BACHAO BETI PADAO Programme
NGO representative for Puducherry UT – ACCESSIBLE ELECTIONS 2019
Co-convenor, Policy & Advocacy, CII- IWN (Indian Women Network) Puducherry 2018-19
Member of the District Task force, Pondicherry One Stop Centre




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