As the recent trends in rehabilitation and shifting towards inclusiveness do envisage the need for improving educational and social participation of the CWSNS. With the support of CEI - Italian Bishops’ Conference was developed with the community based rehabilitation as a core approach towards rendering therapeutic and educational intervention to CWSN along with sensitizing different stakeholders on their roles and responsibility in creating inclusive society for CWSN (Children with Special Needs) through intensified Community Based Rehabilitation Program at the community level in and around Puducherry union territory.

Thanks to the CEI project of 2018 and 2019, for Satya, the experiences in the project have witnessed a comprehensive thrust for a change from the current fragmented rehabilitation system into a more integrated and holistic one dedicated to empowering the lives of CWSNs by mainstreaming into inclusive schooling education thereby making social inclusion a reality. Satay is constantly taking effort to move with education department to take appropriate steps to integrate the children with special needs who at the mild level category who can manage when put in the regular mainstream schools.

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