#ThisAbility: A webinar series

Last year, we initiated a series of webinar #ThisAbility which discusses plethora of untouched topics, never really pondered upon.

On October 6, to commemorate Cerebral Palsy Day and #DaanUtsav, we organized Social-Lies: Busting Myths about Relationships and People with Cerebral Palsy. It was a high-energy session with panelists talking about various aspects of friendships and romance with people with cerebral palsy.

On October 19, in collaboration with Sethu Foundation, we held a session on Menopause Awareness to help women navigate through menopause.

On November 25, we conducted a session that will help us tackle preventable disability at its roots: Genetic Counseling in Prenatal Setting. The session was received very well, and helped families and therapists understand and deliberate on the importance of genetic counselling for couples and families, what it means, and the tools and resources available to expectant couples.

Part of Satya’s work has been in helping create effective partnerships with institutions. To further that, and to see how best the social sector can share experiences, This Ability ventured into a session in Tamil for NGOs: Beyond the Sheltered Workshop: New Perspectives in Livelihoods for Special Needs. The session provided many interesting insights on employability and livelihoods. NGOs have already expressed an interest in more such sessions.