Think green opportunities!


Eight students from Satya Special School’s Vocational Rehabilitation Centre were trained in solar drying in March-April 2021.

The tasks they learnt included receiving vegetables, washing, grading, sorting, cutting, drying, packing and labeling.

The trainees first wash and sanitize their hands, wear a hair net and put on their gloves. The trainees then wash and segregate the vegetables and fruits, cut them into the specific size and load them into the solar dryer. The vegetables and fruits are kept in the solar dryer for two days, removed and are then packed and labelled.

The students have been performing exceedingly well.

This program is to prepare trainees with intellectual disability to become employable in agri-based businesses, where opportunities are aplenty. In this simulated job site environment, Satya trainees learnt to follow a schedule, stay on task, and collaborate with others.