What After Us #ThisAbility Discussion


The #ThisAbility webinar for March discussed a question that most parents of Children with Special Needs ask themselves: ‘What After Us?’ The event, conducted in association with Amaze Charitable Trust, was in Tamil, to enable better reach.

Mr. Sriram Narayan, of Amaze Trust, and Mr. Bharat Shah, financial expert, discussed the need for planning for a scenario where they are not around for their special needs child. They stressed the importance of drawing up a will for every parent, and the need to think of a legal guardian who can safeguard the interests of the CWSN.

This webinar was one of the most interactive, with parents coming up with questions ranging from how much their special child might understand about their inheritance (not much), and how much the government might step in (again, not much).

The experts brought their own experiences to the table and reiterated the need for planning for a life of their child after them.