Satya’s #ThisAbility says, ‘Welcome All’


“Throw the word ‘charity’ out,” said Ms. Alina Alam, founder of Mitti Café, a chain of cafes run by people with disabilities, as she discussed her model of inclusive employment, as part of Satya Special School’s #ThisAbility series. The webinar was held in association with Sristi Foundation on March 30.

Mr. Akshay Tyagi, lead, diversity, equity and inclusion at the Lalit Group of Hotels, spoke about their personal experience in inclusive hiring, including LGBTQI+ and people with disabilities. He also explained how guests at their hotels had a very positive experience with PwDs, and that this was not just CSR for the group, but part of their DNA.

Mr. K. Amarnath, of Surguru Hotels, who was instrumental in organizing the session, asked about the ways to get started on this path, to which Alina responded that the best way was to just get started.

The webinar was held as part of the Employment Series of #ThisAbility, Satya Special School’s conversations on lesser known aspects of disability.