New paratherapists on the way!


Twelve paratherapists were trained in theory and practice of physiotherapy as part of Satya Special School’s Sustainable Inclusive Rural Development (SIRD) project. The training, which has parallel tracks for theory and practice, helps trainees actually work on concepts that they study.

The SIRD project aims to create inclusive communities who care for the disabled among them, for a more inclusive and participative community.

For some of the trainees, it was their first certificate after school; for others, it was a gateway to a job. But for all of them, it was a reminder of their awareness about disability.

Ms. S. Divya, 21 years old, was dressed in her finery. “Before this training, it’s like we knew nothing about disability. I used to think that all disabled kids are the same. Now I not only know the different kinds of disability, I also know that they have so many abilities,” she said.

Ms. Minnal Kodi shared her personal experience with her sister-in-law, who is disabled, and how she is trying to get her to come out of the house. “I used to think that differently abled are beneath us. Now I realize that they are more talented than us, and all they need is encouragement. I am pushing my family to help my sister-in-law come out and live a full life.”

Mr. R.J. Kandavel, the lone male trainee, said that the benefits of inclusion are apparent, even with the construction of a simple handrail and ramp.

They were given certificates at the completion of their training.