A Nest of Skills!

May 25, 2022

Thirankoodu, our project for women connected with disabilities, was inaugurated on May 25.

ThiranKoodu, literally hive or nest of skills, is a co-working space like you haven’t seen before. It aims to provide women with disabilities and mothers of children with special needs a space to work, thereby earning extra income.

Women can come in with their own projects, or work on one of Satya’s work-for-hire projects.

While entrepreneurship development is very attractive, we are aware that not all women, especially mothers of children with special needs, can build a business. Thirankoodu aims to keep that spirit of entrepreneurship alive, while helping women take those first steps toward independence.

The 20 women—three of whom are disabled and the others, mothers of CWSN—will initially make wire bags, do tailoring and mat weaving. One mother is computer literate, and she will take care of the email correspondence, etc., while also training the others on using the computer.

Satya is eager to expand this concept and probe the sustainability of this project, as the eventual goal is to hand it over to the women, so they can run it on a cost basis. We are excited to work with these women and explore other projects they can take up toward their economic empowerment.