Second Thirankoodu Centre Inaugurated

On August 5, Satya Special School, with the support of Mancikalalu Onlus, inaugurated our second Thirankoodu (Nest of Skills) project at Villianur. Around 50 women participated in the event. The centre will be a place where women can come in on a flexible schedule and work on their own projects or on a work-for-hire basis.

Inaugurating the centre, Ms. Gaia Favaretti, president, Mancikalalu Onlus, said the team was very excited about the prospect of empowering women, especially mothers of children with special needs. A special memento, a quilled keepsake of the organization's logo made by Ms. Anitha, a PwD and a Satya staff herself, was presented to the organization.

After the inauguration, the various livelihood options-- mat weaving, tailoring, crochet, and cup making-- were demonstrated and the women went around, looking at each opportunity.

Ms. Chandrakala, mother of our student Yanishka Sri, was looking at Ms. Visalakshi, who was quickly crocheting a bag. “This is interesting,” she said, “I think I will come in for mat weaving first,” she said. “It seems like I will do it well and can make some extra money instead of sitting at home.”

More opportunities are being planned for the women, so that they can earn an extra income with a flexible schedule.