Captured! Photography workshop for students

It was a magical day for 12 students with intellectual disability from Satya Special School as they captured various sights through their cameras, in a workshop conducted by award-winning deaf photographer, Srivatsan Sankaran. The workshop, “Through a Different Lens”, was conducted as part of the World Summit of Rise Infinity Foundation.

After a short introduction about light, and how a camera captures an image, it was off to the field, as the students captured “reflections” using mobile phones.

The slight drizzle in the morning made it a perfect day to look for reflections in puddles. The students were excited about the workshop and said they had never even thought of angles earlier. After the practical session, the team returned to the classroom for a recap.

“I saw that the children are learning a lot and they need to learn consistently, and if they do, they can certainly make progress,” said Srivatsan.

Those of us within the disability sector are also often working within silos, and this was an attempt to break that and create cross-disability interactions. We look forward to more such collaborations.