There are several ways you can contribute to the work at Satya. You can contribute with your time, you can sponsor children, therapy and by contributing by giving equipment and other things that we may need.


Your contributions however small or big will make a significant difference in our efforts towards making these children independent and self-reliant. You can also contribute to change the communities outlook towards children with special needs through trainings, workshop, and awareness campaigns to ensure acceptance and inclusion. Contributions can be made to these causes in three ways.

I SUPPORT: Through our I SUPPORT program financial contributions can be made for a child or multiple children with special needs towards their schooling and day care. This is tailored to enable support as per your choice.

I GIVE: Is a program where support can be given in kind through material contributions towards things that the child will need.

I SPONSOR: For those who believe that the community awareness is key to inclusion, you can sponsor trainings, awareness campaigns and workshops, to help make the acceptance easier for children with special needs.