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Inclusive Hiring for Hospitality Professionals

Great learning and conversations on "Inclusive Hiring for Hospitality Professionals" in partnership with Sristi Foundation.

What After Us?

"What will happen to our child after us" is something that all parents of special children worry about. This webinar discusses planning for special child financial security after parenting.

Genetic Counseling In Prenatal Setting

Are you going to be a mother soon? Is your daughter or daughter-in-law pregnant? Join us for this session to understand the importance of genetic counseling for couples and families, what it means, and the tools and resources available to expectant couples. To deliberate on these and much more, watch the video and get your doubts sorted

Traveling with a special needs child

A webinar to understand the nuances of traveling with a special needs child. Listen to Ms. Sangeetha Chakrapani, Co-Founder of Together Foundation, and mother of two daughters with autism, share her experiences of traveling with her family!

Beyond the Sheltered Workshop

A to help organizations understand various perspectives of livelihoods for people with special needs! An interactive and insightful session with people who have done it differently

Social-Lies Busting Myths About Relationships and Cerebral Palsy

We often talk of therapy, and parenting, and inclusion in hiring, but rarely about this very important part of inclusion: friendships and other social relationships. On World CP Day, we took an effort to examine the social spaces of people with Cerebral Palsy.

“Sound of Silence”

A mesmerizing storytelling session of Red-necked Green Bird by Ms. Ms. Janaki Sabesh, followed by an interactive discussion between the panelists and our audience.