Satya's long journey has been an arduous one but a heart-warming one at the same time. In addition to being trailblazers in the domain of disability management, today Satya spearheads a number of unique initiatives in and around Puducherry. At present, it caters to over 900 children with special needs through its seven urban and three rural centres. Its mobile therapy crew provides door-to-door service to over 124 disabled children living in Puducherry's 44 fringe localities.


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Promotion of Inclusive and Protective environment for children with special needs (CWSNs) through community based rehabilitation - (CBR) Intervention in Puducherry Union Territory, India

Prot. No: 559/2018/CTM/SP Roma, 06 April 2018/ (Project No. 27/2017) Supported by Conferenza Episcopale Italiana

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Inclusive Pre-School

One of our long standing dream has been to start an Inclusive Pre- School in a rural area so as to ensure both early identification and intervention. This dream was fulfilled by the Partnership with Sristi foundation.

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Accessible Elections

Today was like any other morning for most, but some of us went back to school, sat on wooden benches, and attended a class. Today we launched our ‘I stay for I learn’ program in collaborating with Fatima Higher Secondary School, a remedial education program for children with learning difficulties.

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